Cleaning up that little cliché…

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Dearest friends and dearest strangers,

For those of you that do know, and for all of those don’t…

I’m spending the next 5 months backpacking around Latin America in the company of these two hoots (Hannah, left and Emma, right).

You lucky devil can also become part of our journey too.

All you globetrotters or stay-at-home foxes can follow our wanderings on our narrative meets travel blog, right here.

Now before you read on any further  –

If you’re looking for a travel blog which recalls our spiritual awakening as we ‘found ourselves’ under the Atacama desert’s setting sun, I’m sorry to say, you’ve reached the wrong destination.

Sure, we’ll ‘find ourselves’ on multiple occasions. ‘Find ourselves’ lost, livid and driven positively loopy from the canvassed mammoths on our backs.

But whatever, it’s all part of the thrills.

If you are intrigued by the big juicy question mark hanging over our descent into the unknown and are ready to be tickled by a honest account of it (warts, weirdness and all) – welcome to your destination.

Let the series of mysterious events unfold…

Tomorrow at 7:00AM on Monday 1st February the real fun begins.

First stop: Rio de Janiero – Brazil

On that note, guess I better get packing.

More to follow on foreign soil…




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